BREAKOUT SESSION: Content Rights for Television/Film

Ever thought about how you can get your song played in a commercial? In a film? Or on television?   

In this session, learn how the process works, what is the best channel to get more airplay, and how to get one time payments or residuals for licensing your works.

BREAKOUT SESSION: Music Licensing & Branded Audio Content

You hear the term “Licensing”.  But do you really know what it means? Gain intimate knowledge on how to license out your music.  Find out whether you should go through an administrator or DIY.  Know which is the best option for your situation?

BREAKOUT SESSION: Product Licensing

Merchandising is essential in extending awareness about a brand. Learn how participation licensing works. This is important in how to get paid from sales and licensing the musical works in products such as games and toys.

BREAKOUT SESSION:  Legal Protections and Review

Is your paperwork in order? Do you have a contract that needs a once over? Receive a one-on-one consultation with an experienced business and entertainment lawyer who can offer keen advice on your specific needs.


Are you are ready to go full speed ahead and show a retailer what services you have to offer? With the elite package, you not only do you have the opportunity to pitch your music for a store’s advertising, or as part of their musical rotation, you also get a chance to win a prize for securing the deal.